Lightning in a Bottle 2015

Boogie Stage at Lightning in a Bottle 2015.Lightning in a Bottle. Year number six for me. Event┬ánumber one for the Funn Machine, the it’s-not-an-art-car-it’s-a-performance-piece Art Car project I’m lucky to be part of.
Man, this festival is getting so big. I barely had time to meet it, shake its hand, ask it about what sort of music it likes before it’s over and we’re shaking the brambles out of our shoes and packing the car and heading home.

Here are some photos of the best little corners of the festival. No big stages, no yoga. Just some participants being participants. Just some funny people and breathtaking instruments. Just some people in love and people in the moment. And one silly little machine with a lot of mirror balls. Good to see ya, Lightning in a Bottle.